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Choosing Courage Over Comfort


Brash Yoga offers a wide range of opportunities for people to connect, learn, and have fun. From yoga classes to book clubs, clothing swaps, cocktail hours and dance parties, we're committed to building strong cross-communities by fostering friendships.


​Our styles of yoga are not just geared toward physical fitness and exercise. We also practice "innercise" to build mental and emotional stability and resilience. We specialize in slow, subtle, breath-centric, yoga asana that prepares our body for meditation. We strive to help ourselves and others regulate our nervous system so we are better equipped to say what needs to be said, and do the hard things -- while striving to maintain our sense of humor. 

Our goal is to create brave spaces where folks feel welcomed and safe. We are advocates of voice and choice and feel it's our responsibility to speak up while critically examining the practices of yoga and wellness to ensure inclusivity, accessibility and justice.

Summer/Fall 2023 Happenins' 

Tuesdays & Wednesdays
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Wednesday Evenings
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The Brash Bunch

We are fierce friends — like the Super Friends from the Hall of Justice — badass buddies who stay by your side when situations get sticky. We selfishly/unselfishly wanted a place where we could take the kind of classes our bodies wanted — from each other — so we could hang out more. Cuz really, as grown-ass adults, don't YOU want more ways to hang out with your friends?  


I love Brandy's Yin classes. She leads us deeply into all our little nooks and crannies. I love the positive energy you bring to the class and your authentic down to earth personality. Your passion for yin and yoga in general comes shinning through and is infectious. Your calming voice is very relaxing and meditative plus your funny side makes it real. I slept so well after Yin. My hip joints and my mind felt so good. Thank you!

Justina provides clear instruction and options for modifications along with the perfect mix of encouragement and quiet. She creates a great atmosphere --perfect for the hump day evening. I love the interesting mix of stretching, meditation, strength, ease and ease. I'm consistently amazed at just how great I feel after her class. Highly recommend.

I took Ashley's recorded Vin/Yin this morning and I was super impressed with her teaching. Very relatable, natural, fun, specific and clear queuing, and very accessible. I love it! Thank you!

Quite literally the best class I've ever taken. After class I felt relaxed and exhilarated; this too shall pass was incredibly resonating, and I feel ready to take on some stuff that I've been really pushing away. I genuinely can't thank Brandy enough for releasing some underlying anxiety and providing some much-needed healing and courage.

Ashley is a very welcoming yoga teacher! She takes the time to teach you and explain how each position helps you. I feel very comfortable starting yoga with Ashley! I am very new to it; she never makes me feel inadequate or like a failure. Thanks Ashley for everything you do for me!

Justina’s yin class was SOOOO GOOD. I had pretty rough cramps by class time, and everything we did felt incredible. A deep and throaty “YESSSSS” escaped my mouth when she called dragonfly and frog, and as class ended I was thinking, “Why don’t I do yin ALL THE TIME??” It was truly wonderful. Thank you!


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