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Class Descriptions

Restorative Yin  

First we stress, then we rest. This class focuses on stretching the connective tissues to strengthen and lengthen them. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes to move energy through the body and actively stretch the connective tissues to increase strength and flexibility, improving joint mobility and posture. Combining the active stretching of yin with the meditation and deep relaxation of restorative yoga, leaves you feeling rejuvenated, restored, and balanced. Integrating simple breathwork into the asana has multiple benefits to the nervous system.

Centered Yoga for Nervous System Health

Develop an accessible home yoga practice and a passion for slow, subtle, playful yoga asana. Different from exercise-style vinyasa that focuses on cardio fitness, this yoga practice targets nervous system resilience along with strength and balance. With emphasis on using the breath effectively, it centers pose variation, and the use of blocks and a chair to make the practice accessible to the needs of every body. 

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