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Pricing Tiers

Please keep these descriptors in mind when you sign up for each offering:

Access Pass

"I frequently stress about meeting my daily needs, and my housing is unstable. I am unemployed or underemployed. I rarely buy new items due to no extra income, and I live paycheck to paycheck." Scholarships are available for this pass, and all who apply will receive one! Click here to apply.

Gather Pass

"I may stress about daily needs, but they are always met. I have stable housing, employment, and access to healthcare. I occasionally purchase new items, but I am budget conscious. I can take a yearly vacation with little to no stress." Choosing the Gather pass supports your attendance in the class. 

Advocate Pass

"All my daily needs are met. I own a home, have employment, or don't need to be employed. I can purchase new items or vacation without stress." Choosing this option supports you and your fellow community members' class passes. 

Schedule & Sign Up 

Classes are shown in your present time zone. 

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