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Whether you’re walking the neighborhood, hiking a local trail, or trekking on a pilgrimage, Centered Yoga for Trail Fitness and Resilience is key to preparing your nervous system rand building resilience so both your body can thrive in-joy on your sacred journeys.

This workshop is person-centric, facilitating  physical, mental and emotional centeredness so you can listen to, understand, and address your body’s varying needs as you build strength and balance, before, during and after your walks. I offer guidance on specific yoga practices that fortify, protect and nourish key areas of the body most stressed during hikes. By fostering body awareness, you'll gain the confidence that your body is not only capable, but well-prepared for the demands of the trail.

This workshop also emphasizes mindfulness techniques and mental resilience strategies, so you can stay focused, positive, and manage stress during challenging moments on your journeys. 

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